TRAINING CONTENT: (2 Days Training)

a) EU Approaches in Quality and Product Reliability
•Klasik Yaklaşım (Old Approach)
•Yeni Yaklaşım (New Approach)
•Global Yaklaşım (Global Approach)
•Modüler Yaklaşım (Modular Approach)

b) CE process and basic concepts

c) EU technical legislation harmonization studies
• Machinery Safety Directives (98/37 / EC, 2006/42 / EC) differences
• Machinery Safety Regulation - 2006/42 / EC > • 2006/42 Changes in EC Definitions
• Application Area and Non-Application Areas
• Employer Liability and Risk Assessment
• CE Conformity Assessment Modules

 • How should the content of the technical file be
• How should the machine acceptance be done and the technical file examination
• The "EU Declaration of Conformity" review in the machine acceptance (How should the appropriate statement be?)

d) EU Conformity Assessment Process for Machinery and Safety Equipment 

• Definition of anthropometry
• Features of Human Machine Systems
• Hand and arm reach distances
• Foot and leg reach distances response times
• Lighting and temperature effect
• Upper body and lower body movements
• Case studies of accidents

h) Machine Protection Systems

i) Machine Acceptance Criteria

j) Machinery Safety Standards
• EU Standardization Bodies
• EU Standards - Differences between EN –PrEN-HD-TS and TR EU Standards
• What is the Traffic Light Structure of EU standards?

k) EN 12100 Standard Machine Safety What is Risk Assessment? Stages
• I. PHASE: Gaining knowledge about the machine environment and application
• II. STAGE: Evaluation of total risk
• III. STAGE: Risk reduction
• What is FMEA Analysis ?
• What are the types of FMEA analysis?
• How is FMEA Analysis applied?
• Differences between Design FMEA and System FMEA > • MTTF, MTBF, Reliability and Usability Concepts
• Machine safety FMEA implementation

l) What is "Functional Safety"?
Differences between IEC 61508, EN 954, DIN V 19250 and DIN V VDE 0801 Standards
EN / IEC 61508: Electrical / electronic / programmable electronic system functional safety of safety-related parts
EN / IEC 61511: Functional safety - Safe instrument systems for the process industry
EN / IEC 62061: Machine safety - Functional safety of electrical, electronic and electronic control systems of safe parts
EN 954: Machine safety - Safety-related control system parts of
EN ISO 13849: Machinery safety - Safety-related parts of the control system

m) Risk assessment according to EN 13849 - EN 12100
• Hazardous areas: definitions, examples
• Control system categories according to EN 12100 (formerly EN954-1)
• Risk assessment, selection of control system category
• Selection of protection type according to EN 13849 (Former EN292) standard
• Safety circuit features B 1,2,3,4
• Example of EN 13849 RISK ASSESSMENT application Expression,
• Average Time Up To Dangerous Fault (MTTFd)
• Diagnostic Degree (DC)
• Determination of PL Value of Subsystem

n) EN / IEC 62061: Machine safety - How to evaluate the functional safety of electrical, electronic and electronic control systems of safety parts?
• What is SIL (Safety Integrity Level)?
• SIL how to find it
• Mitigation of risk
• PLC, sensors and starters etc. Selection of “Safety Function”
• Risk assessment examples (filling machine etc.)
• Hazardous incidental hardware failure probability (PFHd)
• Hardware Failure Tolerance (HFT)
• Safe Interruptions Margin ( DC / SFF)
• Downtime for Common Causes (CCF)
• Result - Determination of SIL Value for Subsystem

o) Selection of Protective Systems
• Danger Area,
• What is the Exposed Person?
• What are Safety Distances?

p) Analysis of safety distances in accordance with ISO 13857
• Detection distance calculation according to the type and location of safety devices
• Dual hand button and detection distance calculation according to location Detection distance calculation according to location
• Detection distance calculation according to safety mats and location
o Minimum detection area

o Sample descriptions
• Safety Distances Standard ANSI B11.19-2003 description
o Detection distance calculation according to the type and location of the beam barriers
o Double hand button and detection distance calculation according to their location
o Sample description

r) EN ISO 13857 Protection Area Height and Barrier Range Calculation of safety distance

s) Electrical Safety
• Detailed examination of international standard IEC 60204-1: Electrical equipment of machines
• Electrical Design Considerations - from incoming supply to proper verification
• Safe use of electrically operated machines and maintenance

t) Functional Safety of Pressurized Fluid Systems
• Requirements of ISO 4413 (Hydraulic) and ISO 4414 (Pneumatic) standards
• Precautions required for the safe implementation of hydraulic and pneumatic systems
• Issues regarding hydraulic and pneumatic components
• Design of safety-related parts of fluid control systems according to ISO 13849-1

Application will be made for H Type Hydraulic Press.
• Design FMEA and System FMEA analysis application according to EN 12100

• PL and Category selection according to ISO 13849-1
• Simple PL, Cat and Diagnostics calculation according to ISO EN 13849-1
• Validation calculation according to EN 62061
• EN 13857 ' Fence placement and safety distance calculation of safety equipment "S" according to

Educator : Özlem ÖZKILIÇ
Education Date: 16 - 17 AUGUST 2018
Training Hours: 09.30 - 17.00
Education Fee: 2000.- TL (Per Person). 5% DISCOUNT TO PARTICIPANTS THROUGH THE ENT CHANNEL. 1900.-TL + VAT
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Training Place: TÜV AUSTRIA TÜRK Training Hall / Ataşehir / İSTANBUL

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