About Our Association

Our History

Our association was established in 1985 and is one of the oldest and most established sectoral associations of our country. It continues its work to contribute to the country's industrialist and Country development as a broad and strong platform where the boiler and pressure vessel industry and its auxiliary equipment and raw material suppliers, which are components of this industry, come together.

Our association is a member and active stakeholder of important and influential institutions such as Turkish air conditioning Assembly, MAKFED (Federation of machine manufacturers), Türk Loydu Foundation, Vocational Qualifications Authority, BTSB BASTEK committee. 

KBSB, as an effective and highly recognized non-governmental organization with its deep-rooted history, is an organization that has the power to express and defend all kinds of problems and needs of our members and the sector at the highest level.


Our vision

As a non-governmental organization where boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers operating in our country and important solution partners come together and are represented, to ensure that our members are strong manufacturers and suppliers in the national and international markets,



Representing all our members successfully against other NGOs, public and private enterprises at home and abroad;

  • To ensure the development of our members in terms of quality and technology in order to support them to act in accordance with Global values, changing natural resources and ecological conditions,
  • Contribute to the supply of qualified manpower required by our members,
  • Ensuring our members ' adaptation to the global market,
  • Improve the conditions for cooperation and coordination between members,
  • To improve the supply conditions of our members ' goods and services.
  • Ensuring the safe use of products placed on the market by our members,
  • Contribute to the formation of policies that will reduce our country's external dependence on energy and energy technologies.
  • As an important component of the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, to contribute to the policies of the country in this scope.